Here come the cutest mercenaries
in the world!
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The cuter the hero, the more powerful!
Meet cute characters and sensuous illustrations.

All for one, one for all!
Utilize 6 attributes and 4 classes to unleash your best potential.

Enjoy lots of content, including breaking through dungeons, exploring the vast world map, challenging endless towers, and the ranking system.


Create your own deck with various characters with 6 different attributes and equipment
to develop limitless strategies.


Ailee, Prim and Proper Lady of Lightning
Born as the only daughter of a noble family, she's a promising genius witch with powerful mana.
She is now learning how to handle mana from a high elf with a shy girl on an island in Teles.


Luin, Guardian of Light and Darkness
He's one of the creatures created by a half-god in charge of light and another half-god in charge of darkness.
He only interferes when the world is in great danger. Usually, he seems to stay quiet, communicating with small animals in peace.


Layla, Apprentice of Flame
She's an excellent student and fire magic genius of the magic school located in Castrin.
Her original mana was not very powerful, but she tried hard to develop her talent.


Volken, King of the Wolf Tribe
He is the king who leads the wolf tribe and known for his strong stamina and outstanding charisma.
The wolf tribesmen are in awe of him who has survived countless battles and adversity with his ability to handle two daggers at his command.


Hoya, Cute Gourmet
He has a love of eating. He may seem cute but he trained his skills to use poison for hunting to his limit, and as a result, he became an excellent hunter and cook.


Lepis, Owner of Halidom
Lacking confidence, Lepis learns of the two sealed ancient halidoms while she was spending a lot of time on ancient myths, history, etherics, and magic training.
She embarked on a journey to find the ancient halidoms so that she could be a suitable talent for the next tribal leader with the power of the halidoms.


Here come the cutest mercenaries in the world!


IDLE LUCA is an idle RPG that allows users to collect powerful and unique heroes and progress through endless quests.


Its simple yet diverse strategic elements offer the fun of an unattended RPG,
while also providing the pleasure of participating in economic activities in the game.


Players can convert their in-game currency acquired through gameplay into tokens to hold them as tradable assets,
or they can convert their tokens into in-game currency to make their heroes stronger.



Please refer to the <Currency Flow> below for more information.

Currency Flow

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